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  1. Many many congratulations Nitish, Is it MPP or MPA? The scholarship includes accommodation or not?
  2. Hi Pooja, I got the scholarship too (without housing) and am planning to join the program. Greetings from Islamabad.
  3. Dear Jermy, Thanks for the update. Is it "further administrative matters or accommodation matters"? They might be thinking to secure funding from some donors to provide accommodation! (Height of Positivism)
  4. Normally, it is 2 weeks from the date of issuance of offer letter.
  5. Yes, thats true. I am told by a student at LKY that due to funding pressure they have slashed accomodation this year. However, such a drastic decision will force so many scholars to shed their dream of studying at LKY, because not everyone can afford. The rates are per person for a single room in a shared house at CG. Without accomodation from LKY, one has to spend over S$ 800 from own pocket, which may simply not be possible for so many scholars. So, I just pray and hope for better sense to prevail and LKY provide with proper accomodation.
  6. I got admission with scholarship for MPA.
  7. The university confirmed that it will not provide accomodation. The scholars have to pay for it out of the stipend i.e. 1350. Can someone offer few suggestions on how to live within this budget? Or one should reconsider and apply for some other uni/scholarship?
  8. Thanks Namir for updating. However, during your times housing allowance was clearly written in your scholarship offer letter which is not the case this time. But did anyone check from the admission office?

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