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  1. Why can't SysPlus just be upfront and say they'll be released tomorrow lol
  2. I followed up with her, I know it's a little tough to get in touch since I'm sure she's super busy
  3. Bad news y'all. I emailed Ellen Robinson, who manages the NDSEG, and she said decisions will be released tomorrow...
  4. This is why I suspect it might just be the system being funky and that they might mean less than we suspect
  5. Just because people haven't all filled out their BAAs: did anybody apply for an atomic and molecular physics BAA?
  6. Aw shucks, totally get it...
  7. I think we can do it, especially if Rob is saying it may take another day before we hear back!
  8. I don't want to suggest it...but can we hit 2k??
  9. Maybe Rob meant April 15, 2021?
  10. Was going back and found this. Same!! 12/24 AFRL and physics :DD
  11. Would it be possible to see your scores/rankings by editing the HTML or no?
  12. I thought you could still apply to GRFP if you did a combined BA/MS?
  13. I've also emailed Rob and he's said that last paragraph verbatim so it's legit imo
  14. The daily quota of reactions is such a weird system
  15. I left the thread for a few hours and wow I missed so much
  16. Fingers crossed for tomorrow I guess?
  17. Agreed, the DoD selection panels were in February/March, so the updates may mean nothing
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