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  1. RV College of Engineering Admission PROGRAMME DURATION a) The total duration of an academic program is: Four years for B.E. and Three years for the students who join B.E. under the lateral entry scheme. b) The duration of Diploma shall be one year with six months of internship. The certificate courses shall be of six months duration including project work. c) A student may qualify for the Diploma/Certificate award in a shorter time than that specified for the concerned program as in (b). d) The maximum period which a student can take to complete a full time academi
  2. ✫ ✬ R.V.College of Engineering Call: 07676080008 Avinash Jha For Admission guidance in R.V.College of Engineering 2019 RVCE ranked 2nd among Technical Institutions selected for the World Bank supported TEQIP Phase II Sub Comp: 1.2, facilitated by MHRD GOI. World Bank supported TEQIP Phase II – Centre of Excellence in Macroelectronics for 3 years (2015-2018). RVCE ranked as the top institute (No:1) in the country among the self financed engineering for Return on Investment(RoI) / Value for Money for students by Outlook in June 2013. RVCE is also No 1 in the area of sport u
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