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  1. I actually got an interview in 2 weeks and found this thread super helpful! The one thing I'd love insight on, if anyone happens to know what it could entail, is a case discussion. I'm not sure how that is set up or what that process looks like. Like what are you suppose to discuss exactly. The school I'm interviewing with, has a segment in the day for Case Discussion and Abstract Thinking Skills. I believe they will break us up into groups and the admissions committee will be observing our case discussion. I'm not too sure what that means in regards to clinical psychology. If anyone could cla
  2. I can't believe I didn't even put my info lol. Where did you apply? Boston University and Columbia University What are your stats? (GPA/GRE) GPA: 4.0 GRE: 147 Verbal, 142 Quant, and 4.5 Writing Interviews? Columbia accepted me without interviewing. Waiting for Boston hopefully by next week they will let me know What are your research interests? Anything that deals with refugees, immigration, global health, community health, health promotion, sociomedical sciences. Did Boston University say anything about scholarships for you?
  3. I'm surprised there isn't a thread on here for the Masters Public Health program. Regardless, you know the drill :) Where did you apply? What are your stats? (GPA/GRE) Interviews What are your research interests? (Concentration: Global Health, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, etc each school is different) General Questions? Anything in general that you want to share in regards to the Masters in Public Health process, Etc etc. :)
  4. Thanks you guys for your input super helpful. I am learning how to work this site and responding directly to people. Thanks again seriously helpful.
  5. I would love to hear from the people who have been accepted into Clinical Psychology PhD programs without having had any posters, publications, senior thesis projects done, honors thesis, or conferences. I am applying this year 2019 before December 1st into Clinical Psychology PhD programs in the United States. My STATS: I have a 4.0, I need to take the GRE, I'm in 2 labs as a research assistant, I also am getting paid part time as an RA in one of the labs, volunteer at a hospital, and have done a clinical summer program before. Thanks in advance guys, let me know what some of your stats were
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