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  1. Hi everyone, This May I graduated with a sociology degree. My goal is to become a social science researcher. Because the field of social science research is going toward a quantitative direction, I plan to apply to applied statistics masters program this fall. After masters, I plan to work in the Industry for a few years, and then apply for a social science PhD. (economics, public policy, political science, sociology..). I will really appreciate it if you can give me some advice. Undergraduate Institution: Top 10 Liberal Arts College Majors: Sociology
  2. Thank you for your advice. Do you have recommendations on the websites (besides US news ranking and each program's website) that I should look at to consider which program to apply?
  3. Hi everyone, I just graduated from a top ten liberal arts college with a Sociology major and Statistics minor. I realized that Sociology is not very practical in terms of jobs. Therefore, I plan to change directions and apply for a masters degree in Applied Statistics next year. I will really appreciate it if you can give me some advice: Because my background is in Sociology instead of math, what is the ranking range of applied statistics program that I should primarily aim for? What are some online resources (about rankings) that will help me choose the right p
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