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  1. I got to UCSD. In my opinion if not 140ABC, atleast take 100ABC (Abstract Algebra). But again, I haven't applied to grad school yet
  2. Thank you everyone, really appreciate the input, here's my revised list: Duke University Columbia University University of Chicago Cornell University Carnegie Mellon University Penn State UCLA University of Michigan Texas A&M University UNC Chapel Hill What do you guys think about this one?
  3. I very recently decided that I wanna get a PhD in stats - because of that, I have some fundamental lack of courses that I feel are required by most stats phd programs. Just wondering which schools I should target and what my chances look like? Undergraduate Institution: Top 20 State school Major: Math and CS (Joint) GPA: 3.80 Statistics/ML Courses: Mathematical Statistics I/II (A), Probability (no measure theory) (A), Stochastic Processes I/II (A), Machine learning (Graduate) (A), Data Science (A), Pattern recognition (A) ´╗┐Math Courses: Calc I-III (A), Linear Algebra (lower division) (A+), ODE (lower division) (A+), Abstract Algebra I/II/III (A+), Convex optimization (graduate) (B+), Combinatorics (B+), Intro to proofs class (A), Numerical Analysis (A+) MISC: Data Structure and Algorithms (A), Advanced algorithms (A), Theory of computation (A), Recommender systems and data mining (A+), Game theory (A-) Note: I'm planning on taking a real analysis course from UIUC via https://netmath.illinois.edu before applying. Another fact I thought might be worth mentioning - I'm graduating in 3 years. GRE: 168; 164 Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, other misc. Academic / Research awards (2) Research Experience: Worked on mathematical neuroscience research and currently two papers (second author) under review - not much stats involved at all. Recs: Very strong from one math/cs professor and from my research PI. Work experience: Data science / ML internships at two fortune 100 companies. Starting full time job at one after college. I was planning on applying to: Duke University Stanford University Harvard University Carnegie Mellon University Columbia University Princeton University University of Chicago John Hopkins University New York University Penn State Notre Dame Thanks!
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