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  1. Does anyone know when UofT and Western gave out decisions for their 2 year MSW programs in the past?
  2. If anyone has any experience at Lakehead's HBSW program, please message me! I'm looking to apply this year and would love your insight
  3. Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has gotten into an MSW program with a Bachelor of Commerce before? I'm finishing up my final year and am applying to the 2 year MSW program across Ontario (York, UofT, Western, Windsor, Laurier, Carleton), Calgary and Yorkville (MA in counselling)! I have a lot of different experience in the social work field but come from a business background, hoping to go to Clinical SW. I'll take all the help I can get with my application! I've listed some of my experiences below! Good luck everyone I started my own student group at Ryerson University about the lack of diversity in the workforce and the lack of representation of successful pan-Asian leaders, Project Manager of an international Project that provides education to marginalized youth in Peru, I volunteer with my school's sexual assault survivor line, I interned for an organization called Raising the Roof, they focus on homelessness prevention, I worked as a teaching assistant for the first-year strategy for success course, mentor for 1st-year students, Outreach for a mental health awareness student group on campus, provided pro-bono consulting for non-profits through the university consulting group, volunteered with the make-a-wish foundation Currently I am a Peer Academic Coach on campus, Research Assistant at Raising the Roof, and volunteer at an lgbtq+ safehouse. I would appreciate all your insight and help! Cheers!
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