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  1. You can work in an applied I/O setting with either degree. As with most disciplines, however, the PhD will provide greater earning potential; and, if it’s applied research you’re interested in, greater autonomy. Having worked in consulting/technical assistance/training/applied research in multiple sectors, I can safely assert that there is a viable market for I/O degrees. Safe odds are that the sources recommending the MBA are business types who, no offense to them, are at best minimally familiar with exactly what I/O Psychologists do. From HR to organizational development and policy, I/O P
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    For those of you searching in Atlanta, I'd recommend ProMove (free apartment locator) or similar service. It will significantly cut down on the amount of vehicular wandering you'll need to do. I used it when I moved to Atlanta for my MPA and it worked like a dream...am also using it in the current search as I prepare to start my PhD at GA Tech. A side note on searching near Tech, I understand that there's been a minor crime rash near the campus; so, be very thorough in checking out potential places within walking distance of campus.
  3. If you haven't already, consider using an apartment locator service. They are generally free and fairly efficient. You provide them with specifications, they provide you with prospect lists (often for nicer properties that don't advertise on the most commonly used services). Hope this is helpful.
  4. I had a somewhat similar experience with the PhD program I'll begin in the fall. My initial acceptance information was communicated informally via e-mail and I later received the admission/funding from the department. However, the letter from graduate admissions came months later (after I'd visited for recruitment and all). Sometimes there's no substitute for manual letter production and mailing. Fret not, I'm sure your situation will work out fine.
  5. I accepted an offer for the PhD program in Industrial Organizational Psychology (likely minoring in Quantitative Psychology). Has anyone begun searching for housing yet? If so, how have you fared in that endeavor?
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