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  1. @BwO I'm honestly not sure. I reached out yesterday to another program I am waitlisted at, and the DGS told me that most people have neither accepted nor denied their offer of admission. She thought they may "not be able to go to the waitlist until another week passes," but said that they are committed to the April 15th deadline. So while my conversation with this DGS did not make me feel confident that they would pull from the waitlist, I definitely feel more optimistic than I did after speaking with the DGS at Indiana.
  2. Hi all-- I got in touch with Indiana University's DGS today re their timeline for notifying waitlisted students of their application status, and this was her response (I'm assuming other programs are in a similar situation): At this stage we are unlikely to be able to offer admission to students who remain on the waitlist. There are a few reasons for this, but one is that it appears to be the case that the pandemic has encouraged students to accept their offers earlier than usual, perhaps because (and I truly suspect because) they come with an offer of guaranteed funding and health insura
  3. Hey y'all-- I'm also waitlisted at UT Austin and managed to get in touch with someone at the department in early March (before Coronavirus, so this information may have changed). This is what I was told: When someone we’ve admitted declines our offer, we accept someone from the waitlist. However, I cannot begin that process until 2 or 3 applicants turn us down. I have not yet admitted anyone from the waitlist. Whom we then admit depends upon the fields of those who decline. However, people have until April 15 to accept our offer. As a result, in the past we were not able to go to th
  4. Hi all-- finally posting because the waitlist pressure has got to me. Will schools at which you are waitlisted notify you regardless of their decision?
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