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  1. Hey! You can be selected as finalists for both which would mean you would be invited for an interview. However, Pickering has their interviews a couple of weeks before Rangel so that they can notify finalists their status after the interview whether they got the Pickering or not. For those that do not get the Pickering after their interview and have applied for the Rangel and were picked as finalists for an interview, their application stays in the mix with Rangel. But for those that do get the Pickering after the interview, their applications are pulled out from the Rangel pool which would in
  2. Guys I got the notification just now!!! I made it as a Finalist!!
  3. We are only two days away until we hear from Pickering!! Fingers crossed!
  4. We're supposed to hear back from the Pickering on October 25th and Rangel on October 30th!
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