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  1. Hi there, I don't know enough about it, but I think U of T is actually one of the most popular and is known to be fiercely competitive! You'll see it mentioned a ton on previous years and forums. I think Lakehead is predominantly mentioned for the HBSW program for students without a BSW. I'm positive UBC is competitive too, but I think there is a greater proportion of the population that lives in Ontario and would like to stay in Ontario / are active on this forum (just a guess? I'm Manitoban, wouldn't know!) And some of their schools (Laurier, U of T, York, etc) have a
  2. I think you aren't giving yourself enough credit. You've demonstrated plenty of civic engagement throughout volunteering with Special Olympics and in student organized initiatives (which demonstrate both your commitment to improving the quality of life of folks with disabilities/the importance of accessibility, your interpersonal skills and how to communicate effectively with people of varying abilities), you can spin your experience so many ways! Not to mention I think political science is a fantastic undergrad to complement social work, as any critical discourses around social wo
  3. Hi all! Wanted to chime in my experience... I flip flop every day on whether I need to go for an accelerated bsw or to apply to MSW programs!?! For education: I did a 4 years bachelor's degree at University of Manitoba (my home province) in Recreation Management & Community Development (BRMCD) in april 2019. My first couple years I didn't do well in Uni due to some family loss and mental health woes. Once I got into my faculty I turned it around. Cgpa is 3.6/4.5 and Agpa is 4.1/4.5. I was awarded the University Medal for graduating with the highest standing in my progr
  4. Hey there! While I've never applied, to me it seems that either a) they will issue you a conditional acceptance (conditions being you graduate and maintain x average or complete x course). but I've also noticed most schools that offer a MSW for those of us who don't have our BSW, they then expect you to be already "doing the work" so to speak, and have more experience out of school than our BSW counterparts. So for example, I graduated with a social science degree this past April 2019, and I plan to work for 2 years full-time in my positions as a caseworker (on top of my relevant experien
  5. Hi Everyone! Very excited to read everyone's posts regarding their profiles heading into application. I'm waiting until next year before I apply. My current dilemma is evaluating whether I want to work on a micro level (more clinical) or macro (policy level)! I have an undergraduate degree in Community Development, and research/policy is what interests me the most, but as far as a job goes everyday, interacting with youth fulfills me. Hard to reconcile that! I currently am gathering 2 years of work experience as a caseworker for Big Brothers Big Sisters before I even think of applyin
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