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  1. Somehow, the trains in the lowlands of Europe are faster than the postal service. I traveled to my former 'current' address and retrieved my letter...finding out good news! I received a full grant to Croatia. Alternates, keep hope: I have an interview for my dream job in three hours, and the Fulbright was one of the steps to getting this job. But if they think I'm as pretty and nice at this NGO as the Fulbright Board thought, one of the Croatia spots might open up....
  2. Hey y'all- I'm a finalist for Croatia. I say finalist because I haven't received any word at all- no snail mail or email. I'm no longer at my 'current' address; it expired 12/20/09. I've received nothing at my permanent address in the US either. Any thoughts on the situation? Particular, did anyone who was rejected (and is still reading this forum...) get an email of any kind? I'm hoping here's an envelope with good news somewhere in the world, since I didn't receive the 'alternate' email about keeping DC open. Thanks!
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