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  1. @mountaingirl135 Hello, you can totally bounce ideas off me! For a personal statement, try to focus on making the statement a little bit subjective to highlight why you are interested in this field, what your goals are, why ignites you to pursue grad school. Share a moving experience, but keep details brief and then finish the statement off in a more formal manner by highlighting the grad school's pros. You want the statement to reflect who you are as a person, but at the same time you want to move the premise back on how your goals, or graduate school can contribute to the gap you're looking to fill in.
  2. @SMLDC I found this post and think it will answer some of your questions!!
  3. Do you have any advice for scholarship search on ther MSW programs outside of UMich?
  4. HI! I applied to the regular track - do you know if the questions were the same? I did find the personal statement part to be very long since they required 3 different essays. I just submitted my application a few days ago!
  5. Sounds super competitive to me. Because you applied early, you will most likely hear by Early Jan. I applied to different programs early Oct, and have heard back from 2 schools. I also think the references and personal statement are HUGE drivers..
  6. I applied to both as well and would love to hear others input on this! I think for the most part they both are solid programs - from what I have read on reddit. BC is more inlcusive and everyone truly gets to know one another because of how small the school is and is in the suburbs. BU - I hear you are "another number", but still a great school. I believe BU is more diverse because of the larger population. I personally am leaning towards Boston College and applied for the same concentration, since they have a certification available for social work with immigrants and refugees.
  7. I think it should be fine as long as they can strongly comment on your professional and/or academic aptitude. I will say just meeting with your recommenders and conveying why the program is right for you will ignite your passion and allow them to help you better. For example, I asked a previous boss (im in finance), he was initially shocked. However, when he had a chance to read my personal statement and why I wanted to make the career change, he wrote the most amazing letter for me.
  8. UMich is solid. I actually just moved from MI to IL last year. I have a couple friends who graduated from there, I’ll see if I can get more Info on the MSW program if you have specific questions. Yeah I do have a couple questions, maybe you can help. Im worried about being a career changer with almsot no SW experience, although I’ve been accepted into two programs, do you think there’s a slim shot for some of the top 10 programs?
  9. Right? I tried to find one for weeks and didn't see anything recent. And philly sounds exciting! My husband and I were considering that area as well. Where are you moving from? We are looking to move from the midwest to East Coast, but we shall see! What kind of recommendations are you looking for on your personal statements? Like topics? I am not sure what the requirements for Clinical Pysch PhD programs are but I imagine the writing has to be more evidence based? Where I have found all my MSW statements to be more subjective but still formal. I actually have not considered MFT programs and very unfamiliar with it. I personally like that with a MSW, you can shift your job to a wide scope of direct practice. This is still a newer area, so I constantly am learning all the things you could do with a MSW and it's so exciting! What schools are you considering in Philly? Are you familiar with Rutgers University? I am really hoping to get an acceptance there and it's one of my top picks for the East Coast, if I were to move to the East Coast.
  10. Thanks! This was actually my first time applying for Graduate programs, I have been researching and preparing since June! I feel that because I am a career changer, I had to do alot more research to make sure this was right for me! I also wanted to get applications out of the way so I can go back to focusing on my job and saving up for tuition from now. I just submitted an application to Columbia as well today. ( I also wanted to find out sooner than later if I could get into a program. ) What schools are you applying to LisaOh?
  11. Hello All! I am currently in the application process for MSW programs for Fall 2020. I applied to 7 schools and have heard back from 2 so far! I created this post to discuss the application process, decision, stats and any insight anyone can share. How is everyone else's applications going? Schools I'm applying to: George Mason University - Applied 10/01/2019 - Accepted University of Maryland - Applied 10/04/19 Rutgers University - Applied 11/3/19 Boston College - Applied 10/29/2019 Boston University University of Illinois - Chicago - Applied 10/01/19 - Accepted University of Chicago University of Texas - Austin - Applied 10/23/2019
  12. Hi There! I also applied to MSW programs for Fall 2020. I applied to 6 schools and have 2 more I am consindering finishing my applications for. Although, I feel mentally drained from rewriting my personal statement so many times. I heared UC gives atleast $5k a year toalot of students, and some range to $20k a year. I also read somewhere they almost never give complete full rides. UMich has an amazing program, the living costs in Ann Arbor are very expensive though. I also heard they offer a decent amount of merit scholarships, but again I haven't found anywhere where they would pay the entire program. Also I've read BU has covered up to 50% tuition for some students on past forums. That was also the Max I seen. Not sure if any of this has been helpful, but I am also still trying to figure out alot of factors for Grad school.
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