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  1. You guys shall be good! Don’t worry or compare your self based on the stats. I’ve learned I have a completely different background and experience and was accepted into every school (except 1). It all comes down to your SOP, LOR’s, the reason you want to switch. But in general MSW programs are not too difficult to get into. My GPA was the least considered into every program I applied and was accepted into.
  2. Oh man I’m sorry! You are right, I assumed it was half of the 2 year track cost.
  3. Yeah! I just spoke with them as well. She confirmed scholarships would come with the FASFA package, within two weeks of acceptance! I can't wait!! I hope CU offers decent scholarships. I am not familiar with their ranges.
  4. That is when they are starting for 2 year track and continues to roll until 2/15 (every Friday).
  5. Yeah I can understand the impatience, especially because that is a competitive track!!
  6. Nope and I applied in early Nov! They emailed me in Dec and said decisions are going to be late this year.
  7. I applied to BC back In Nov and heard back Dec 20! Seems it takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks. BU is behind and is not releasing decisions till Mid/late Feb.
  8. Congrats!! $24k is quite generous for on year. It’s half your tuition!
  9. I got information from admissions that decisions for two year track are coming out this Friday and the next and advanced standing cane out last Friday 1/17. So we should all hear back soon for the two year track! I’m feeling confident about hearing from UC. Hoping UChicago is generous with scholarships!
  10. Is anyone’s top pick CU? I’m currently waiting for the award package. I don’t think I can accept if there are no scholarships. Do you guys know if CU is generous with scholarships?
  11. I applied to CU 11/7 and got the completed app email 11/13. Received my acceptance yesterday at 5pm In the portal ET. Received the follow up email a few hours later with FB page for admitted students. I do nor have FB - so I didn’t join.
  12. It may be! Wait did everyone get there’s at 5 ET? Or throughout the night? I think you’ll get yours tomorrow at 5! I’m sure they are rolling our decisions!!
  13. I feel like if you can see your specialization that’s a great sign! Just hold on! When did you submit your app?
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