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  1. I'm an applicant for the MLMI MPhil, received conditional offer a few weeks ago but haven't heard about interview - not sure what panel my degree is categorized in though (perhaps physical sciences?)
  2. 🤷‍♂️So it goes, I suppose. The Rhodes and Marshall are but two ways to go and have the impact that you want to have. It's a shame it wasn't fruitful, but at least I can say that the process of applying to both helped me to clarify exactly what it is I want to do in the future. Best of luck with the rest of your year!
  3. @GoCParis @Anxious2020 Wait, so if I'm reading this right, does that mean that District 4 has notified all those who have been selected, but just haven't gotten around to notifying those who haven't been selected? Because if so, that's not too nice.
  4. Today must be the day! (I say for probably the fifth or sixth time)
  5. Still nothing from Philadelphia. I still find it really weird btermite heard a week before the rest of us.
  6. For those of us that are still waiting, surely today must be the day? I don't think I've ever heard of decisions coming as late as November 4th.
  7. They notified on a Saturday? Very interesting. Good luck with any other applications you might be waiting for/the rest of your semester!
  8. Nope! To be honest, I'm quite surprised it's going to be later than this (especially since at least someone from my district heard earlier in the week)
  9. Getting later in the day and haven't heard anything... is there any chance they'd simply not notify people who weren't selected for an interview?
  10. @Anxious2020 nope, no download or password change
  11. Ooh very interesting - on the application site it says it was updated 17 hours ago; yet I still haven't heard anything.
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