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  1. Hi, I correlated all my study variables, and some of the demographic variables, with each other, to see if there were any significant associations. I found significant correlations between some study variables with demographic variables. For example, let's say I analyzed which type of candy participants like eating the most; and the amount of candy XY eaten correlated with participant's educational status. This would seem like a "spurious" association, as in there would be no obvious explanation why participant's education should be associated to how much of candy XY they eat. My questions: 1) Is it common to to this sort of preliminary correlational analyses to explore associations between variables? 2) Should I report significant correlations, even if they are not part of my study questions/hypotheses? 3) If yes, should I mention these significant correlations as well in my discussion? Or can I simply report them in my results part, and them not mention them anymore in the discussion? Thank you in advance !
  2. Hi! I am not sure if I am in the right forum here to ask this question. So my first question is: Can you recommend other forums for research/thesis-related questions? Eg. on statistics, citing, ... I am a Psychology master student. The other question I have is about citation. I am writing my paper on physioloical regulation in psychiatric patients. Put shortly, I received physiological data (namely RSA, respiratory sinus arrythmia) from my supervisor. I am currently writing my methods part of the thesis, and I have no idea, how the RSA data was transformed/extracted from the original recordings from the ECG. This transformation was done by a cooperator from another University, so my supervisor could not really give me information on that. I am now wondering, how do I describe or cite that in my paper? Could I just write something like this: "The transformation into RSA values was conducted by collaborators XY...."? Do you have any paper example in which a method was "outsourced"? Thank you in advance!
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