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  1. Has anyone heard back from the UC Berkeley/Davis Microbiology groups?
  2. Have you considered the Microbiology program at the University of Alabama, Birmingham or University of Texas, Austin?
  3. How bad is it if I apply later into the season, e.g. like 2 two weeks before the deadline? Will this reflect poorly on the applicant? What if it was out of their hands? Is this something worth mentioning, in the app? Or even with a faculty member correspondent? Thanks in advance for any informative replies.
  4. That makes sense. I am thinking of using the 6 different rotations I worked in and spinning them as 6 individual research internships (each were 4 - 8 weeks long), because I truly learned as much from them as I would have from legitimate research internships to be quite frank.
  5. Background: I am applying to another graduate program while in a graduate program of a different institute. My previous mentor recently left and having done 6 rotations here, I found that the lack of funding of most labs I was interested in, as well as the overall environment here is not a good fit for me. I currently have 4 potential letter of recommendations I want to submit: 1. My previous mentor who recently left (100% will be submitting this) 2. My industry/biotech supervisor I worked with for 1.5 years (most likely submitting this as well) 3. My undergraduate PI (real
  6. As the title states, I am currently in a STEM PhD program at an institute in which I did not struggle academically in nor did I actually struggle to find a PhD advisor, at first. However, I actually rotated through a few labs before finding my mentor, who eventually himself left for another institute (and I did not follow). Thus, the search began anew and I've struggled to find labs with both funding and the right culture. Having done about 6 rotations in my first year, with the vast majority being headed by people at my institute with less-than-secure funding and some saying though I had the
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