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  1. My Michigan offer is a direct admit for PhD, so I am not concerned about the conditional master's admits. However, I am a little bit concerned at Michigan due to the fact that I come from a weaker stats background and more of a math/bio undergraduate degree, and I've heard the PhD can start tough, since most people in my case end up in the fast-track program.
  2. Hello, everybody! I've recently heard back from many PhD programs for biostatistics, and I've narrowed it down to three programs that I've found interest in: UCLA - PhD - 34k/year stipend from a fellowship UMich - PhD - 24k/year stipend as an RA UC Berkeley - MA/PhD - 17k/year stipend as a graduate student instructor I will be visiting both UCLA and UMichigan within this month to see the programs on a more personal level, but I was wondering from prior experience which program may be best. I know Michigan is the most favorable option for genetics/genomics type research
  3. Hi, guys! Thanks for your responses so far. I'm feeling much more at ease than I have for this entire application cycle. I do have a couple of main concerns, in that I haven't taken many upper-level statistics courses (our school doesn't offer them), and I also don't have much of a CS backing. Are these large holes in my application, or is my current approach with pure math and biochemistry solid enough? I am a U.S. citizen by the way, so I am feeling more confident for at least my safeties, and I suppose I'll just have to see how variable my results come out to be!
  4. Hi everybody, I'm currently a senior pursuing biostatistics PhD programs. Now, I'm in a unique situation. I am currently only sixteen years old, and will be by the time I graduate - 17 by Fall 2020. I am part of a program at a university that has allowed me to skip high school (no diploma) and obtain my bachelor's degree right away. I currently don't know whether I should be playing this to my advantage, or if it will be detrimental in my application. Undergraduate Institution: Unranked small private institution Majors: Mathematics, Biochemistry (do
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