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  1. Does anyone know if GEM provides $16K in financial support or is this provided by the university? I was under the impression that GEM would give $16k stipend for the first year.
  2. Just got an email from GEM stating that I was not selected to receive a GEM Full Fellowship, but I would be considered for a GEM Associate Fellowship.
  3. Has anyone heard back from Intel?
  4. I'm still waiting to hear back from Intel as well. Got an email last week saying that it's taking them longer than anticipated to review the applications due to the high number of applicants.
  5. Same thing happened to me. My status changed to "released" today.
  6. Hi Vitamalt, Yes, it's possible to apply as a grad student. I'm currently a grad student, and I called to verify before I applied. I was told that as long as we have an entire year left of grad school we can still apply. You can call or email the GEM fellowship directly and ask about your specific situation. Hope this helps!
  7. My status changed to matched this morning, but i haven't heard from any employers or gotten any emails from GEM.
  8. I attended a college after high school that was not in the drop down menu. Does anyone know if there was an option to add an institution? It's a bit late to add it now, but at least I'll know that I won't get selected because of it and won't be waiting and hoping for an acceptance. I didn't see one when I was filling out the application but now i'm thinking that I might have over looked it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi IronSeoul, What do you want to contact them about? If it's just to make yourself known, maybe it would be best to wait until you've been notified by GEM that you're application has been matched. From the list below on the application statues, it seems like that's when the employer gets your information. That's just my opinion though. Maybe you can ask a fellowship advisor at your university for input on this subject. I got this list from GEM fellowship 2019 forum. Matched - GEM thinks you're a good candidate and matched you with a company(companies) Held - A company is r
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