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  1. I received an invite a week after the majority were sent out. Perhaps that means some people rejected their invite and so they sent out and more? This would mean they could potentially invite more people because they gave us three different weekends. Regardless, good luck!
  2. Has anyone heard back from University of Washington? I haven't seen any visit day invites posted yet
  3. Lmao yup I just got the same thing. I don't think it means much about who gets in or not but who knows at this point.
  4. I heard back from Duke and in it they CC'd the POI I was already talking to before applications. They said "we are holding a group recruitment visit on January 31, 2020". So take that as you will but it seems like send out an invitation once the POI gives the go ahead
  5. Anyone else getting a little nervous about UPenn? It seems like they're starting to reach out to people but not sure if it's just one specific lab that's doing it.
  6. From scavenging the grad admissions results for the past three years, it appears as if UC Berkeley is always around January 11th, U. of Washington is always around January 19th, and UPenn is always around January 24th. I'm sure some of you guys have looked at past years results as well but figured I start getting everyones hopes up that we're going to start hearing back soon
  7. Did anyone else get invited to WashU's visit day? Just got the email this morning. Does this mean I have a pretty good shot at getting in?
  8. I'm going to be out of the country with limited service from December 28th-January 4th so hopefully this won't be a big deal. Does anyone know if we have to respond by a certain day?
  9. When do people usually here back from programs? Looking at last year it seems around mid to late January for most programs.
  10. I suppose I'll go! Please let me know where you think I have a shot or no shot at some schools. Any advice would be great! Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): RO1 institution state school, top ten in engineering Major(s): Nuclear Engineering-Radiation Science Minor(s): Physics GPA in Major: 3.50/4.00 Overall GPA: 3.50/4.00 Demographics/Background: White Jewish male GRE Scores: Q: 164 (84th) V: 157 (76th) W: 4.5 (81st) LOR: I have held three research positions so my mentor for each (each is in the field of medical physics/bme) Research Experience: 1.5 years in radiobiology lab where I got my name on two oral presentations at conferences. Worked on developing a microdosimetry platform AAPM Summer Undergraduate Fellowship where I have my name on two papers we are submitting this winter (won't be accepted by the time I apply but I am still putting them down obviously). Worked on image registration methods for proton therapy This semester, my senior year, I joined a BME lab where I am working on computational medical image analysis, exactly what I want to for PhD. Working on image verification for thermal ablation. Publications/Abstracts/Presentations: Said above but two oral presentations (second author) and two manuscripts submitted (second author) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: AAPM Fellowship, Deans List for most semesters Fellowships/Funding: Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments: Vice President for some other orgs on campus Anything else in your application that might matter (faculty connections, etc.): I am also taking four graduate level courses in BME my senior year. Two in medical image analysis, one in radiation physics (medical physics course) and one in Medical Imaging Systems (i.e. the engineering principles behind imaging modalities). I did a good job of reaching out to a solid 50 professors to see if they have funding for the next year and I have held skype interviews with 4. Research Interests: Medical Image Analysis, in particular neuroimaging Institutions/Programs: UC Berkeley/UCSF, Duke, UPenn, Columbia, Vanderbilt, U. Washington, WashU, Yale, Case Western, UPitt
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