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  1. Sorry if this is confusing. At Stanford, the bioscience PhD program/graduate school covers all 5 years of funding. Your PI never has to worry about funding because all 5 years comes from the program. They are offering an extra 2.5k/year on top of the regular stipend, again, all covered through the program. UCLA is offering an extra 10k/year in scholarships on top of the stipend, and I have received a fellowship to cover the base funding for the first 4 years from the graduate school. In short, I will be fully covered by both of the graduate programs and not require funding from whatever l
  2. Hey guys, So I've been accepted to both Stanford and UCLA for their PhD programs in Microbiology/Immunology and I'm having quite a tough time deciding. I interviewed first at UCLA and fell in love. The students, faculty, and interviews were great, and they have even offered me an extra 10k a year to attend! This is important because I will likely be able to join my lab of choosing being that I will have my own funding. They have made it very clear how invested they were in me and its gone a long way. In short, I love the culture, faculty, students, and location of UCLA. However, although
  3. A little update for those who may be wondering: UCSD Biomedical Sciences is still reviewing apps, invites will continue to be sent out through mid Feb. UPenn CAMB program has sent out the bulk of their invitations, they may send a few more out but they're pretty much done reviewing USC PIBBS doesn't plan on sending out invites until mid February Good luck to everybody!
  4. Congratulations! Do you mind sharing which school and program you got invited to an interview for?
  5. Undergrad Institution: University of Maryland, College Park Major: MicrobiologyMinor: Global PovertyGPA in Major: 3.0 Overall GPA: 3.11 Type of Student: Male, Minority, 1st generation American, 1st generation to pursue degree beyond Bachelor'sGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 158, 67%V: 158, 80%W: 5.5, 98%Research Experience: 3 Month summer internship at Vanderbilt University studying cancer biology, 2 conferences w/ 1st author poster presentations 3 Month summer internship at UC Berkeley studying molecular genetics, 2 conferences w/ 1st author oral presentations 3 se
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