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  1. Hi! Did you get into NYU DS? And have you decided where you want to go?
  2. Yeah, I have heard that Columbia has a really large cohort size and I also see that Columbia is a cash cow on the Gradcafe forum. But I have also heard that we will only have two classes max with each legendary professor and it will be really hard to connect with those professors since they will probably give research projects to PhDs and interact with them more frequently than us. Also, I heard that the career service in CDS is not really helpful and we have to look for jobs and internships all by ourselves. That's why I think it is so hard to choose between these two programs since both have
  3. I have started a topic here for Columbia DS vs NYU DS. Please share some advice!
  4. No, I didn't receive any funding from either school:(
  5. Hello everyone, I am creating this topic for anyone struggling to choose between NYU DS and Columbia DS. I myself are struggling a lot for choosing between these two after getting accepted by both programs. Hope everyone can share some pros and cons about these two programs and help us make decisions better so people in WL can get accepted quicker.
  6. I have heard that they will have a second round of acceptance following the first round acceptance deadline ends on the 25th. I think that is why they are only giving us one week to respond... Really anxious now:(
  7. The deposit for Columbia is $2,500. I interviewed March 3rd ish. I am still battling between Columbia and NYU since I heard that the last cohort of NYU DS does not have a very good placement for internships and jobs..... (although I maybe wrong and still need more data)
  8. Any one has any suggestions between Columbia's DS program and NYU's DS program? Having a very hard time to make a decision now, and Columbia is asking us to make a decision by Mar. 25th....
  9. Any one just got waitlisted by Northwestern Analytics? Anyone know the rate of acceptance from the waitlist?
  10. Can I ask where are you leaning towards against NYU? Are you thinking going to UPenn?
  11. Hi Everyone, Does anyone who got admitted by NYU Data Science Masters received any info about scholarships? Do they give out scholarships after accepting the offer?
  12. Same...after my interview, my email said they would release the decisions by the end of March as well...
  13. I submitted it on Feb. 13th. And congratulations on getting accepted by NW MSiA! I actually applied to MSiA on Dec. 1st but haven't received any results or invitation for interview. Can I ask when did you submit your app to NW and did you know when will be the last date for them to interview second round students and is interview necessary to get an acceptance? Thank you!
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