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  1. I am an international student and unfortunately Sais did not offer any financial aid. I regard private loans but not sure about it yet. I heard of that Sais may offer a generous scholarship for the students who have a high GPA in their second year. Is it true?
  2. Are there any DC applicants who have got their financial aid e-mail? still no news
  3. Finallyyyyy..... I am in! 2 years MA but, no words on funding yet. Are there any IPE student? (International Political Economy)
  4. I guess we will wait a bit more 🤕😁 Good luck guys!
  5. Are there any DC campus applicant for 2 years MA? My portal is still has not been updated.
  6. Hopefully we get the decisions next week, before going to loose our minds or establishing more theories 😂
  7. I applied to both 2 years MA and 1 year MIEF. I checked the portal now and once I filter for the 2 years MA, it totally seems same with yours but, if I look at MIEF section I see all of the list of materials. I applied for early notification but my application was deferred to the March and, I got an e-mail which states “we are not able to offer an admission for Summer 2020 at this moment So, we defer your application blablabla”. (On Dec 20) Mief Starting Date: Summer 2020 MA Starting Date: Fall 2020 They might have a final decision for the MA (accepted or rejected) and
  8. Guys, finally time is almost up and we are all impatiently waiting for the decisions. I have a question. Did you get any e-mail from your concentration director after a while submitting your application? I completed my application on Oct. and got an e-mail from the concentration director on Dec. He gave me a brief information about the programme and urged me to sign up a class visit or skype interview (even it's not mandatory for DC applicants.) Did you get any info or similar mail from your concentration director? By the way, I applied to both 2 years MA and MIEF for early notifica
  9. Deferred to the next round. I applied to both the MA and MIEF. So, I have to wait until 6th of March.
  10. I also applied to DC campus, what is your concentration? There is no any news. Still waiting....
  11. Can you please update here once you get an e-mail? By the way, how is your result? Hope you get what you want. Thanks.
  12. Congrats! By the way, is it not the portal? www.applygrad.jhu.edu? How did you view your results? I only see that the submitted applications
  13. You are not alone I am also waiting for the e-mail. Will update here once I get it. Good luck for us!
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