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  1. aw snap i hate email sometimes...that was definitely the wrong email at 5 lol. hopefully all is well and false alarm! also if it makes you feel any better i'm also still waiting on columbia, seems so random at this point
  2. I'm in dc, also in int development but on the econ/policy side and looking to switch away from that and into micro. understandable about living abroad with a spouse here, that sounds so tough! but welcome back stateside it's great you got to visit campus! that classroom sounds like an amazing setup for practicing and observing but also slightly nervewracking haha. i'm hoping i'll get to visit a school or two before i decide where to go but who knows with the timing of decisions and all. are you trying to stay in the denver area?
  3. high five to the 30 somethings returning to school again From what i gather it seems like professional/life experience counts for a LOT while applying to msw programs (esp for those of us so far out of school) so keeping all the fingers crossed for you
  4. gah hopefully we all hear friday 🤞
  5. thanks thanks! i got an email to check an update in the portal. small scholarship so that tuition is still oof
  6. also got in to nyu this morning
  7. weird on the respond-by date! mine was in the pdf attachment (but doesn't seem to show up anywhere else?) so if they didn't include it there maybe email them back and ask?
  8. Oops sorry, super unclear! Was an email with a pdf letter attached
  9. I just got my letter tonight after a call on the 14th so it was about a week and a half for me. No financial info though, just says that it'll come separately but before the enrollment deadline
  10. haha! absolutely no judgment, i'm over here refreshing my email a million times a day glad to hear that it's under review at least we know they're moving something!
  11. Nothing yet here either. The portal just says application is complete and I'll be notified of my decision by email but it's said that for weeks lol 🤷‍♀️Makes me think they might just release everything on the first (seems like maybe they did that last year??)...who knows though. I tend to err on the side of not bugging admissions staff so I don't give them more work to do but if I don't hear by feb 1 I'll give them a ring since they gave us that deadline
  12. mine still looks the same and I got the call on tues. sounded like it might take as long as a couple of weeks to update but they weren't sure exactly
  13. hang in there! it seems like a lot of these things just take some time to roll out and are a bit random but they juuust started releasing decisions this week so there's plenty of time for them to come out even though the waiting sucks. rooting for you!
  14. same same here but I didn't get the completion email until dec 19. maybe we'll hear sometime next week? fingers crossed for everyone
  15. No interview request but agreed, could be a scholarship-related thing. Good luck with it I'm sure you'll do great no matter what it is!
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