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  1. yeah it's such a hard decision! good luck with the rest of the weekend!!
  2. @madisonc7 wait we weren't observing the same class were we???
  3. hey y'all so I took a visit to both columbia and nyu recently. I went in with a fairly strong preference toward nyu (because clinical!) but the visit made me flip toward columbia. Feel free to pm me if you want details but generally I think visits during the week (if you can) is a great idea since they have very different vibes
  4. I'm still waiting for my aid package from columbia so not sure yet. I want to do micro and not research so I think NYU is probably a better fit but we'll see!
  5. thanks thanks! Not sure about the formal events yet but I'm going to at least go up for a couple of days to visit both
  6. ya'll columbia just finally came through and we in! did anybody get money info in the initial letter or do they come separately?
  7. Hey vent away and sorry you're going through all the medical stuff on top of school and applications, that's a hell of a lot to deal with. I feel pretty comfortable saying that you've got the support of everyone here and you are clearly working really hard, so keep on keeping, you've got this. Also CU is really messing with people right now (whether they meant to or not!) so I hope they issue an apology for how this process has gone.
  8. I applied but haven't heard anything yet
  9. oof thanks for checking with them
  10. meee too! fingers crossed
  11. Check the letter! Sometimes if the portal knows that we've seen an update we don't get the autoemail (and those emails usually just say there's an update so go check the portal lol). But since they're asking for final transcript I'd bet money it's going to be a happy letter
  12. Ya I did! I went to check wolverine to see if there was any aid update but still nada 🤷‍♀️ I've heard about at least some aid from every other school so UM is sitting at the bottom of my list right now but hopefully they'll send out info soon
  13. hey ya'll quick question. for those of you planning on attending schools outside of mass-transit-heavy cities, do you all have cars? plan on buying one? I ditched my car a couple of years ago since didn't need it in the city and now i'm thinking with field placements that could be an issue unless I end up in NYC...
  14. nothing yet...the person who called me a couple weeks back said they'd probably send something by mid-march but would be super if they could send things out sooner! same same! fingers crossed ya'll
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