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  1. Congrats! And dropping NPXs is a great idea! I'd love to read some of y'all's work. Here is mine: https://newplayexchange.org/users/13984/ezra-brain
  2. Also got my Brooklyn rejection yesterday. Congrats to everyone who was accepted/waitlisted! I've got 4 rejections and 1 waitlist, so I guess it's the waiting game for me lol.
  3. Waitlisted squad. Hope that we can all be in a cohort together
  4. Sameeee. Does anyone know how many people they accept a year?
  5. Just received a form rejection from Columbia. Has anyone heard back from NYU?
  6. Having the exact same experience lol. I don't recall those being there previously???
  7. Got a very kind rejection email from Hunter this afternoon.
  8. Interesting, do you know if they do interviews or not? Thanks!
  9. Just had my NYU interview and they said that they typically try and let people know by the end of their spring break (March 20th)
  10. Got a NYU interview request today. Very interested to see how it goes after reading other people's experiences lol. Seems surreal-ly low key
  11. Aint this the damn truth lol
  12. Did anyone else just get an email from Brooklyn College saying that your application is complete? Any idea what it means?
  13. Also got that Yale rejection yesterday. Thanks to everyone in this chat for your incredible stories, wisdom, and advice. It was really helpful to log on this morning and read everything. Something that keeps me going is this interview I read with Greta Gerwig (who I absolutely adore) who talked about how she got rejected from every MFA in Dramatic Writing program she applied to. And then, after she got nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay, she went back and read the play that she had submitted, expecting to be embarrassed by it. But she still really liked it and still stood by the work and was like "yeah, I think they made a mistake." IDK why, but that interview gives me hope. Because the whole thing is subjective, right? Like, just because a few people don't respond to our work doesn't mean that our work isn't good or valid or polished or what have you. There's always the next one and it's a long career. IDK, I guess that's what's getting me through
  14. Stay strong friend, this process sucks. How was the Northwestern interview?
  15. Sameee. With this and radio silence from Hunter this week I'm in this uncomfortable holding pattern lol.
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