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  1. I think I'm going to have to apply with the same play I used last year. I've revised it a bit. It got me on the waiting list for NYU and I was a semi-finalist at Hunter. Am I making a mistake?
  2. I mean, it's still autogenerated.
  3. I just want to thank Iowa for rejecting me anew! Whose idea was it to send a second set of rejections? Tone. Deaf.
  4. Where are you seeing rejections?
  5. Got an email from Juilliard saying my play is still under consideration. Is this a form letter, or did anyone receive a rejection?
  6. Contacting schools about the waiting list is a no-no, right?
  7. Has anyone rejected their NYU spot or their place on the waiting list? I'm nosy and I want to feel hope.
  8. Definitely push for more. It's common practice.
  9. Can you try to push them for funding?
  10. Sorry about Columbia. Radio silence from NYU.
  11. Does NYU assign a Net ID and University ID to all applicants? I feel like these things are new on my portal, but maybe I'm just living on hope.
  12. SO happy for you, so sad for me. No email, nothing in my portal from NYU.
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