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  1. Congrats @Mel Rose! do you know the typical timeline for when they let waitlisted candidates know?
  2. not at all, i think, if anything, it will make you look like a more competitive candidate to them.
  3. Also, does anyone know someone that is currently attending the Writing for the Screen and Stage program? I'm on the waitlist but just wanted to get a current student's perspective. Thank you!
  4. does anyone know when Northwestern admitted students need to make a decision by? Is it also April 15th?
  5. @Applicant2021me did you interview with NU? they sent out a few waitlists on March 14th-ish
  6. That's so misleading, i'm sorry. it sucks when you feel like an interview went well.
  7. yes, the waiting and not being able to envision the next half year of your life is brutal. in addition to not being able to update loved ones 😕 but good luck to you too!! now that ive discovered this forum, i will be checking it every day!
  8. omg congrats//100% same. I was very caught off guard by that intense 10 minute interview! I didn't apply to any other playwriting programs because I liked the screenwriting/playwriting combo at NU. Did you hear from anywhere else?
  9. congrats to everyone on here!! I received a waitlist email from Northwestern — did anyone else? It's the first year they notified waitlisted applicants, so I'm wondering/spiraling about the number as it's my top choice. holding out hope!
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