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  1. @natalinal just emailed...I will keep you updated with the response! hopefully we'll get some more info
  2. I’m kind of tempted to email NU just to ask about their typical waitlist timeline or see if there’s been any movement this year...what do y’all think?
  3. Oh my gosh....that is very very hopeful how funny would it be if we end up being classmates and we can say we met on grad cafe 😂 maybe 4/20 will bring us some good luck 🤞🏼
  4. @natalinalnothing! Okay so last year someone got off the waitlist on April 17th so I’ve been obsessively checking my email...I had a feeling it could be this week but I guess there’s no way of knowing. Them saying there’s only a handful of applicants on the waitlist has definitely gotten my hopes up but I’m not sure what to think at this point!! Ahhh
  5. smash that ~~heart~~ if these waitlists are driving you insane 😅
  6. @Mel Rose thank you sooo much for this info!! It’s so helpful knowing this. and I totally feel you about how it’s hard to move on just yet...applying to grad school was HARD and it would be so so ideal if we didn’t have to do it again OH BOY. I guess since mid-April is the most common shuffling time, I’ll wait until then to start thinking about my 2022 application....fingers crossed we won’t have to 😬
  7. Anyone have any knowledge on general waitlist info for NYU and northwestern? I know NYU said movement on the waitlist typically happens between mid April-mid May but uuuugh I’m just so antsy...like how many students typically get in off the waitlist for these schools? And typically when? I know things change year to year but I would love some stats so I don’t feel totally in the dark ya know 😅
  8. @quarantini33 https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=playwriting
  9. hey, I completely empathize with this. I came out of my interviews feeling on top of the world. I literally said to my family, "that went so well, there's no way I won't get in!" and then...well...UGH. It's so easy to feel like shit after not getting the news you were hoping for, or to feel like your interviewers were playing you (trust me, I FEEL THIS). But I think if your interviewer expressed interest in you, it's 10000% genuine. They have absolutely no reason to lie. But yeah, like @jeepersjinkiessaid, there are so many factors that go into this. I felt such a wonderful bond with my NYU in
  10. @PlayWitch HUGE congratulations to you...must feel incredible to finally have the hard work pay off ❤️❤️
  11. You got this! ❤️ a weird feeling INDEED, but together, a little less weird ❤️
  12. You and I really are on the exact same page, so at least there’s comfort in that. Envisioning my life has been such a huge part of this process, feeling like if I got in somewhere I could finally break free from this living at home monotony (which I’m sure many of us can relate to given the pandemic). I was so hoping for some good news after a total shit year. Glad you found this forum, it’s helped me so much to not be in the dark. It’s been a welcome and needed community
  13. Omg right?! It was sooo intense. My heart was beating so fast for like days afterwards. I also love the screenwriting/playwriting combo which is what got me so excited about NU & NYU (which I was also just waitlisted from....blehhh...not feeling too hot rn) but congrats to you as well...hopefully we’ll be getting good news soon. Although I can’t believe we’ve been thrust into yet another waiting zone....painful 😅
  14. @natalinalI was also waitlisted from Northwestern. I'm trying to view it as a win (because it is) but I honestly just feel so defeated.
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