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  1. I got accepted to the chemistry programs of two schools. I almost decide to go to school A. However, I still want to go to visit school B because they accepted me and I am curious how it feels like to study there and I also want to meet new people and learn something new too. They just paid $500 for my flight ticket (I’m an international student who doesn’t have a car) and they will also cover all the cost while during my visit. I know I am not doing anything wrong, but I kinda feel bad. I actually had been hesitant in confirming with them about my visit because I know I won’t go to this school. There is a small chance that I may end up choosing this school because I got a lot of advice that I shouldn’t choose my school before the visits but it won’t apply to my case because I see a big gap between the two schools. So my questions are: will they be frustrated when I decline their offer after the visit? Is it common that the school will pay that much for your visit? Any suggestion on how to craft the email to politely inform them of my decision? *I apologize in advance if my English causes any confusion
  2. I got accepted into North Caolina State University and University of Virginia. I'm going to organic or biological chemistry, and both departments look good to me, though UVA is slightly better (I judged it based on the academic history of PIs). NCSU offers a much lower stipend than UVA. I'm an international student so I have very limited budget and it seems that if I live in NC, I won't be able to get a car because the stipend won't be enough for the car expense. The reasons that make me lean more towards NCSU are that I think NC is larger state with a greater number of population and it's also close to other well-known schools, I'm looking to work in industry afterwards, so I believe living at NC will be an advantage. I'm very lost right now as I don't know what criteria should I really look into and whether all my thoughts are right. If you have any knowledge on any of these subjects, please post a reply to help me.
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