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  1. Anyone here who has applied to any of the following Canadian universities for  the M.S. in Statistics or Biostatistics program for the term Fall 2020 please reply!!!

    - University of British Columbia

    - McGill University

    - University of Victoria

    - University of Alberta

    - University of Manitoba

    I would much appreciate it if there are people whom I can get in touch with so that I know how far the applications are been processed and whether I can expect a reply from them soon.

    Please and Thank you.

    Regards. ☺️

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    2. the97kid


      @thean well I didn't hear from any of them yet. I just had a skype interview from UofManitoba and yh that's it. Except  for UBC the rest are under department review.

    3. thean


      Ye I only heard from York (interview via mail) and MUN (conditional offer), Waterloo and UoT are still trying their best to ghost me 🥶. Hope to meet you in Canada mate

    4. the97kid


      Oh! So you've gotten an offer from a Uni so that mean you are safe. 

      Hahaha... Yup you too... Hope everything works out well and just as you want it to be. 

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