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  1. Received my rejection letter from Stanford and, while I’m disappointed, my first thought was that this means I can accept my offer to Yale 😊 I was waiting because I knew Stanford is so close to home and would be my family’s first choice and I thought it was mine too until I had my Yale interview. I know in my gut that Yale is the place for me and I am so excited to accept my offer and make preparations for my move across the country. Has anyone had experience with a move cross-country move before? Would love any advice I can get 😅 Good luck with the rest of decision season everyone. Th
  2. Are you going for admitted students day?
  3. Yes! I got into the combined PhD for history and African American Studies 😊
  4. Someone on the results page asked what the Yale interview entailed. To my knowledge the interview is required by all graduate programs (at Yale) and is used by the history department as a way to gauge interest. I was asked to talk about my interests, my current studies at oxford, past research experiences, who I worked with and how that impacted my work, etc. it was informal and honestly just an enjoyable chat. I followed up with questions about the structure of the program and source access. Hope this info helps
  5. Did you have an interview? I don’t know whether all the emails have gone out yet or not
  6. I am literally overcome with emotion 😭 I got into Yale!!!
  7. Not typically for the history department
  8. Does anyone know why the Stanford Application Status would read as incomplete if all the paperwork has been submitted and received? Just checked and am a bit worried 😅
  9. Currently grappling with the reality that I probably didn’t get into Penn and UVA based on a lack of communication. I’m just reminding myself that I worked hard to get here and that no matter the result, nothing will change that. I hope it works out for myself and everyone else but just remember there’s always next year and if we are truly passionate about this field of study, nothing will keep us from eventually reaching our goals 💕 good luck everyone
  10. I have an internal clock now for when the east and west coasts hit 9am-5pm 😅 the weekend was quite pleasant because I knew there was no possibility of receiving anything
  11. Congratulations on UCLA! I went there for undergrad and UCLA has one of the most wonderful and supportive departments! You’ll have a wonderful time and I would highly recommend going for admitted students day if you haven’t been to UCLA yet. If you have any questions about any of the American History faculty or living in LA, feel free to let me know
  12. Does anyone know which schools typically offer an admitted students visit? thanks in advance
  13. Focus on other things you enjoy. Spend time with friends, talk about things that aren’t academia, read a book, Netflix, etc. We have no control over the result now so What we can do now is just take a deep breath and wait for the emails to trickle in over the coming weeks. Best of luck 💕 we’re all in this together
  14. I don’t know if this just applies for the American strand
  15. I just had my interview with Yale and they said the committee will make their final selections tomorrow. Then it will take up to two weeks to have it approved and released by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Hope this helps clarify things for anyone waiting on Yale.
  16. They were accommodating and allowed me to schedule it later
  17. According to last year’s thread Harvard’s acceptances go out between 1/31 and 2/7 (aprox.) and rejection letters were received around 2/14. I don’t believe they require an interview. Wishing you the best of luck! I’m at Oxford and the decisions were rolling for Masters students, not sure about decisions and interviews for the Ph.D.
  18. Received an email from one of the committee members (US History PhD) at Yale requesting an interview. I currently have bronchitis and therefore no voice. They requested to have the call tomorrow but I don’t know if my voice will be back by then...is it ok to request a call later in the week to insure my voice has returned? Or will that impact anything? Thanks
  19. Do you mind me asking which programs you heard from for an interview? I’m trying to figure out when to assume the worst 😅
  20. On another note, I worried myself by reading last year’s thread and checking my email obsessively to see if I receive any interviews. I know only two of the schools where I applied tend to require an interview. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  21. Of course. I apologize if I offended any of you. I am happy to help where I can and to be a part of this forum. I will remove that section of my previous post.
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