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  1. Just got my acceptance for Berkeley. It's the best school in theoretical chemistry. Thanks for the support guys. 😭😭
  2. One more question, what field in chemistry did you apply to?
  3. Did you get an official mail from Caltech?
  4. I got an official mail from the admission committee and the POI who I had contacted sent me an email a couple days after. You should consider sending another mail to the professor.
  5. Any updates on Biophysics as well?
  6. Yeah you're right, Berkeley might keep sending out their offers till early Feb. Scared about CALTECH tho. I had emailed a professor who showed a lot of interest and (fortunately) ended up being a reviewer for my first author publication that just got accepted. All the reviews said that the paper was top 10% of the papers submitted ( ) so it'll be unfortunate if I don't get into Caltech 😐
  7. Anyone in theoretical chemistry hear back from caltech or berkeley? The radio silence is defeaning 😐
  8. Did anyone who applied to theoretical chemistry get notified yet? I applied to six schools, out of which I only heard back from one ( got an offer from Georgia Tech). Other schools that I have applied to are Berkeley, Caltech and Princeton (chem e)
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