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  1. Honestly wasn't aware of how challenging it is for international applicants until learning it the hard way this year haha.. I saw your post on the larger biology thread - congratulations on your Harvard BBS interview! Your profile seemed really outstanding, would you mind if I pm you some specific questions?
  2. Undergrad Institution: foreign, top 10 in Canada, but not top 100 in the worldMajor(s): Biochemistry HonoursMinor(s): N/AGPA in Major: N/AOverall GPA: 3.86Type of Student: InternationalResearch Experience: 2 summers, a 4-month project course, currently doing full-year honours thesis. (all of these in different labs) Volunteered with a lab in highschool and first-year and got a middle author publication.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: a small departmental one for summer student presentations, some in highschool (but those probably don't help anymore lol)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: departmental st
  3. Thought it might be useful to create a thread for those applied to Stanford. They're releasing interview invites this week so comment here if y'all hear anything! Feel free to talk about yourselves too - I'm an international student who doesn't know anyone else applying so it'd be nice to hear some voices out here!
  4. just would share this but a friend of mine called Harvard BBS today and they had sent all of their interviews out.. didn't hear anything from them which is really big downer, just trying to stay strong waiting for the rest of my other uni's..
  5. Does anyone know if Harvard BBS sends interview invites in waves? I was told that they usually send everything out before Christmas. Haven't received anything from them and been checking this forum to see if anyone else has gotten anything (which apparently they have sent stuff out now).. honestly really bummed out and this week has been horrible..
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