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  1. Amidst the desperate cries for news from Boston, I am STILL trying to get a peep out of UCONN. I saw one rejection pop up the other day. I emailed the DGS, but I have not received a reply. Any suggestions or ideas?
  2. Out of reacts but I am right there with you @gooniesneversaydie At this point, I just want to get into A program let alone THE program. With the help of this group I am starting to realize how things do work out for a reason so I wish the best to you in your decision and to everyone as the rest of the application season shakes out. Cheers to one more bit of ice cream lol🤣🍦
  3. Honestly though... medievalists unite. My friends although supportive do not get my specialty AT ALL! Glad to hear I'm not alone. I hope your app season is going better than mine lol
  4. Same email here. Like are you surrrreeeee you want to be considered when someone else pulls out of consideration? Weird but I will take it with open arms
  5. My POI was pretty sure I made the waitlist for UCONN but I have not received the coveted email like the other folks. Does this mean I should expect a rejection instead?
  6. Feel this so hard! I am still an undergrad but a friend bought just me a dozen donuts knowing this app cycle has not been my friend thus far. Sending good vibes to all this Valentine's Day!!
  7. UCONN claimer? I am terrified it seems like all of my schools are dropping decisions left and right. Here's to hope fellow waiters !!🥂
  8. Anyone willing to claim the Rochester acceptance? One of my favorite programs so kudos to you !!!
  9. Oh golly, not ready for that. My portal also does not have a notification so I hope it's good news for you! Best of Luck:)
  10. Hi All! I cannot tell you how much of a blessing this thread has been knowing everyone else is freaking out just as much as I am. I am currently an undergraduate living on a hope and a prayer that I can be successful through my first application cycle. Kind of a dumb question but a lot of my applications were through apply web and I have no idea how to check the status. I applied to WASHU and received no email to check things but I see in results acceptances and rejections. How do I check my status to see?
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