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  1. Thanks - hoping for happy outcomes for you too! What were the 1st and 2nd choice schools you referred to?
  2. Pretty confident I'll accept UArk's offer after I visit in March. I've fallen in love with their program, professors, current MFA student work, etc... Seems like the program is really blossoming right now and as a Southerner myself that's really exciting. The financial package is unbeatable too... I really didn't think I'd make the cut!
  3. While I'm here: UArk Drawing: Accepted via phone call 2/19 -- full tuition + 19k/yr. PAFA: Accepted via phone call 2/6 -- 42k total scholarship New York Academy of Art: Accepted via email 2/13 -- 30k total scholarship Tyler Painting: Waitlisted 2/4 SAIC Painting: Interviewed 2/16, awaiting response UNC Chapel Hill: awaiting response UMiss: awaiting response VCU painting: no response, assumed rejection
  4. Just be tactful and feel it out I think... I emailed UArk to ask how many people I was sharing the finalist pool with, but I was really hoping it would result in a progress update. The head of the department that I was in contact with was also really friendly and had been enthusiastic about communicating, so I felt it would be okay. My communications with Tyler, on the other hand, have been kind of cold and I didn't get a response at all to my post-interview "thank you" email... So I probably wouldn't have felt comfortable asking for a status update from them. Thats my 2 cents
  5. Accepted to UArk drawing via phone call! The call was prompted by an email I sent to check in on the progress, so I don’t know if they’ve extended their other drawing offer or announced waitlist etc.
  6. Putting into the record that New York Academy of Art acceptance letters went out on this date
  7. Haven't seen them mentioned much but PAFA decisions are updated in the portal
  8. Anyone heard from UNC Chapel Hill?
  9. I would be excited! Maybe it means they narrowed down the original finalist pool to an even smaller one and you're in it? Can't imagine they'd go to all that effort to reject you.
  10. Which concentration at UArk did you apply for? I interviewed for Drawing yesterday and they told me to expect an answer “within the month”
  11. Seems like different departments at the same school are frequently on different timelines... I would wait another week or two before worrying!
  12. Invited for interview with SAIC painting and drawing earlier today via email.
  13. Me trying to negotiate with these grad schools in a month or two:
  14. Flying into Philly right now for my first interview with Tyler. Anyone else gonna be there tomorrow?
  15. Invited for a Skype interview with University of Arkansas next week. I picked Drawing as my first choice of concentration, which seems like one of the smaller concentrations so I'm thinking the departments are probably on different timelines.
  16. Hi! I heard from them via email on Jan. 16. My interview is on Jan. 26.
  17. Hello! My name is Nick. I just discovered this community and I'd like to participate in sharing information. You can see my work at: www.nickhobbs.art I applied for the painting programs at: - Tyler School of Art (Invited for interview) - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - New York Academy of Art - Virginia Commonwealth University - School of the Art Institute of Chicago - University of N.C. Chapel Hill - University of Arkansas - University of Mississippi No word yet from any of the schools except Tyler. Good luck everyone!
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