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  1. RIP in pieces UPenn, don't know how you'll survive without me I'm not crying, you're crying nerd
  2. They seem consistent with the Feb 14th/15th date, so we're close. UPenn and MSU are my white whales (can that idiom be pluralized and still make sense?) and I think they're both going to release while I'm stuck at conference :(
  3. @DuhGoobzI also just heard from their J-School, so you're probably coming up soon.
  4. Previous release dates have been between the 8th and the 16th, and there are always a lot of them, so we're probably close to a big release day.
  5. @DuhGoobz Mizzou's Comm program specifically, or their journalism PhD? I'm waiting to hear back for journalism.
  6. Since people are starting to hear back about acceptances and funding (congrats!), I want to point everyone towards the PhD Stipends database. Submitting your offers will help prospective applicants recognize just how little pay we're breaking our backs for, and help us estimate what''s expected for our field and chosen locale.
  7. Technically? They asked for my # and a half hour timeslot, but that turned out to be a means of delivering my acceptance over the phone and asking if I had any questions. Not certain if they actually interviewed people around that time. Funding hasn't come out and it was with the graduate director and an advisor, so I assumed it was just letting some of the admits know? @mediajinx I can't remember which program accepts more people (MassComm?), but you sound like a great research fit for both. We should've had this conversation a week ago; Riddle was on the phone call when I was notif
  8. I'm into political communication and computational methods, so Dhavan Shah and Young Mie Kim are high on my list. Lewis Friedland is similar, but I didn't contact him since a current student mentioned he may be retiring soon. I also namedropped Lucas Graves and Susan Robinson in my statement as critical journalism and ethnography are kinda relevant to my work. Who are you aiming for? Also, if you had your pick, would you rather attend the Mass Comm or CommSci program? It's cool to see someone applying to both.
  9. I was accepted to Wisconsin-Madison's mass comm program, with funding details to come in the next week. Now to sit around and wait for good money and/or good news from UPenn, Michigan State, UMich or UW Seattle. Pretty sure UW already passed me by, considering the previous interview posts.
  10. That person, Kay13, is applying to bio programs; check their profile. Not sure why they posted here, maybe thinking that a uni releases all decisions/interviews at once. Joanne Murray sent out that application completion email which specified a date for admitted students to visit and ask questions, leading me to believe there won't be on-campus interviews for UPenn. Maybe phone, but we haven't had any information implying any interview invites have been sent regardless of format. Something similar happened with Wisconsin-Madison in this thread -- the interviews posted earlier were for com
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