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  1. YES!!!! I just got in and I am actually on my visit to Purdue!
  2. Looks like MIT Ph.D decisions may be coming out as well. Saw the post from the former F35 pilot. Ouch!
  3. Was anyone here invited to the EMERGE program at U Mich back in November? If so, what did you think? Was it helpful and have you gone on to apply and get an offer?
  4. Has anyone made a firm decision yet? I am waiting until I have completed all my visits and met all my potential advisors. Funding is another issue, of course!
  5. Congratulations!!! My campus visits are getting totally crowded and I may be pulling a two visit, multiple city trip over my Spring Break just to get them all in. I know the new head of engineering at University of Arizona; he is doing great things there! Exciting times ahead!
  6. No the requirement is for a Master's of Science degree and they do not specify it must be from MIT or even in aero. Just that a Master's must be completed .
  7. I was wondering about MIT but I honestly don't think I would go there now( not that I will get in lol!) as they only allow a Master's admit and I am worried about funding. The other programs I have been accepted to seem more up front about funding. I really don't want to have to worry from year to year about whether or not my funding will be renewed.
  8. Hi Phoenix! Thanks for your insight and response about my conundrum. Ironically, I did email the potential advisor (who I interviewed with and exchanged multiple emails with) and they did offer to help financially beyond the $250. With three solid acceptances and two of those fully funded, I just am having to prioritize. It has been tough as I am also working on dual degrees as I finish up at my current university. While I am impressed with CU Boulder and want to give it a fair chance, I am not certain the work is what I want to do for the next 4-5 years so I need to really think it over. It really is more of a time crunch and multiple responsibilities issue with my current school rather than the money alone that is driving my decision. Having said that, I really want to visit Boulder! It looks like a vibrant and interesting community. Still pondering.....
  9. I did but they only offered $250 toward transportation reimbursement ( Compared to $550 from Purdue!) and I am super busy and would have to take the entire Thursday and Friday to get there. I have already phone interviewed with a potential advisor anyhow who actually reached out to me over the holidays so while I wish I could go I don't think I will.
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