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  1. Does that mean they will see how many applicants will accept the offer on the first round before they send the second round? She's assuming she's waitlisted if she didn't get rejected on the first round 😢
  2. Did anyone else here heard back from UofA SCCP program? My friend is worried her application is still under review!
  3. Omg I'm so sorry that sounds like a horrible experience. I was getting ahead of myself and started looking at housing options and I will definitely try to avoid the uni townhouse residence if I do get into the program. Thank you for the heads up and sharing
  4. The application deadline was feb 1st so you're probably right, I might not hear from them till March! On another note, how did you like living in Victoria?
  5. I didn't apply to counselling but I appreciate you doing this for everyone else! Also congratulations for getting in to your top choice!
  6. Omg congratulations! UofA is a great school! Hopefully my friend will receive the same news as you! GO CELEBRATE!!
  7. Is it okay to call/email the grad admission when they will start sending out acceptance? Or would this be seen as negative? Im so anxious lol
  8. Yeah the sccp program is very competitive but don't worry it's still very early! Hearing nothing from them is actually good it means your application is strong
  9. No but my friend did. Her application is still under review!
  10. to everyone waiting for OISE, you probably won't hear from them till march based on last year's cycle!
  11. UofA counselling program already sending out rejections?
  12. Congrats! do you mind sharing the POI initials?
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