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  1. MTS did a screening phone call for me towards the end of January and they haven't gotten back yet :// Kinda worried atm...
  2. I'm also still waiting on USC but at this point I think it'll be a rejection yikes.. I don't have a masters degree
  3. I applied to MTS and I got a call from the person whose name I wrote down. It was a screening call over the phone and didn't last super long. Did you get the same?
  4. Hello! I'm a recent grad from u washington applying to uw again and northwestern and usc for a phd program! i havent heard back from uw or usc but northwestern did do a screening call! my research interests are south asian-americans and intersectionality, i had an undergrad cgpa of 3.55 and 3.7 in comm w a psych and comm major and a diversity minor.
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