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  1. It really depends on the program. GPA is very important but most programs look at your entire application holistically. So if you are concerned about a lower GPA then make other sections of your application stand out. For example, try to get some hands-on experience as a hearing screener or at an audiology clinic as some type of assistant. I had a lot of hands-on experience and I was very successful in the application process. Work on your GRE score if it is below average! There is a lot of data on each school's admission numbers on ASHA's website. Target schools that have a higher a
  2. I just declined my offer to Wichita State. Hopefully it helps someone out!
  3. I know people who have done that! I think it happens occasionally because of timing. The biggest thing you need to do is let the school you "accepted" know that you are going to attend another program and would like to rescind your acceptance. As a courtesy, you should let them know as soon as possible so they can move on to their waitlist. It depends on the program, but typically you will lose your deposit if the program required that with acceptance.
  4. Has anyone made a Facebook group for the University of Oklahoma?
  5. It is currently a top choice of mine. However, they canceled the open house and I have never been the campus so that makes it hard to decide. Have you heard anything about funding? Are you planning on attending this program?
  6. They invited their top 30 applicants to a recruitment event on 2/28. They sent out their first round of acceptances. I am not sure if they are still sending out interview invitations or not.
  7. If you applied to the University of Oklahoma check your emails. I got my acceptance late last night. Super excited!
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