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  1. Running into the same problem. I am leaning towards the ones I've visited and liked, just for security purposes I guess? It's hard to judge what you haven't seen.
  2. To the person asking about U-Virginia on the results page, I also haven't heard anything yet either. Those interviews seem really early compared to the last two years, but let's be hopeful! Feel free to message if you need to talk.
  3. In your guys experience, do schools typically send out their interview offers at the same time? Also, for those who received an interview from U-Virginia, was it from a POI? Trying to assess my chances at this point (this school had the faculty I matched most with). I'm at 2 W's, 2 R, 1 A.
  4. I noticed there were some interviews posted for UVA. I unfortunately didn't get anything which worries me ☹️.
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