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  1. Btw I'd go with Columbia. I think you'd get a better return for your money and the network connections there would help you if you decide to go down the startup road.
  2. Thanks! Wow, it seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote this post haha. My stats: 4.0 GPA in Engineering from top 5 world university. GRE: 162Q 163V. 1 year research experience with 2nd author paper/patent with large tech firm. I also have a lot of volunteering experience: ran coding classes, managed free projects in other countries. Anything else you wanted to know?
  3. With regards to the MIT MBAn, I think you would also be able to take classes at Harvard. So you're getting the best of both worlds (?)
  4. A bit of both. I don't really fancy night classes and I plan on going to a different program. Besides that, the NYU curriculum is great.
  5. April 4th for me as well. I'm probably going to decline it by next week. Good luck!
  6. I wasn't notified about funding of any kind. I just saw on the LinkedIn page that they've given out all the awards. That's a bit of a shame. I wish they'd added a sentence or two to the offer letter to let us know this.
  7. No worries! I was most worried about not receiving an offer from NYU aha. Thank you 😊. I was initially leaning towards MIT as it looks more fun and the job prospects would be great after graduation. However, Stanford is also Stanford so now I'm in a right pickle. Plus both students and staff from both unis have started contacting me with info so I just feel overwhelmed.
  8. The NYU data science program is one of the best and would be a top choice for me. It also allows you to tailor it to your desires. The tracks offered give you such a wide range that I feel that you can't go wrong. However, the classes are offered in the evening (from what I recall) and NY's living costs is quite high.
  9. I'm so relieved. I've received offers from MIT and NYU for data science. I've also received an offer from Stanford. Good luck to everyone still waiting. It's been a stressful journey and my stomach is still in knots even though I've heard back now.
  10. I applied for Master's in EnvEng. I received my offer letter today ahah.
  11. Stanford's visit day is the 6th of March apparently. Does this mean that they've already sent out all their acceptances?
  12. I applied to the EnvEng program at Stanford. Has anyone heard back? I'm a bit worried as my application was marked as incomplete due to them not receiving my official transcripts.
  13. Anyone heard from NYU? I saw that someone posted a week ago that they had received a rejection.
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