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  1. Nothing yet. Today is the end of March. Let's wait until later. If nothing comes, I guess it's delayed again.
  2. Congratulations ?? I think Euroculture results will be sent out next week
  3. I haven't got anything too. I think the Euroculture office is closed on Fridays but the coordinator emailed us last Friday. If we don't get it today, maybe it's delayed again. ?
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. Are you in the reserve list? Did you apply for other programmes?
  5. Be occupied with whatever you're doing.. your job or whatsoever... last year was a breeze.. there's the pandemic and days were so fast. Right now, the days are so slow for me.
  6. They asked for only two reference letters. I think sending a third one would just complicate your application. But it's up to you.
  7. Just wait for the scholarship results. You don't have to accept the offer right away.
  8. You'll get your offer letter from Glasgow approximately 3 weeks after
  9. Last year there were 200+ applicants for Eurosud. 150 were partner country applicants. Euroculture had around 500+ applicants.
  10. Hello.. I'm applying for those exact 3 programmes.. I need only one main list scholarship ?
  11. You're just overthinking. The evaluator probably wouldn't even notice. They read tons of applications!
  12. Wow congrats.. when did you learn you got into the main list?
  13. I am also on the reserve list of Eurosud. I just got an email a few days ago that scholarship slots have all been allocated. ?
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