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  1. I received a rejection today, bummer. Oh well, I'll still be attending UofT for a different masters
  2. I think by September we will start rolling into business-as-usual or at least moving into "normal". Of course that's speculation but I believe we will be in class by September or will only have to do online courses for a very brief amount of time. I'll still be hitting accept on a program for Fall start and go from there 🙂
  3. Does anyone know how long we have to give a response to our offer?
  4. In case anyone else has applied to the MPP at SFU, I just received a swift rejection 😅
  5. I just received a rejection email from SFU It stings just a bit I do have 3 other acceptances to choose from so I'm grateful. @xChocolate tagging you in this as you may want to know - could give you a better idea of their response timeline! Goodluck everyone - I'll check back in on my status with UofT, still waitlisted 🤞 Congratulations to those who have received and will receive acceptances!!
  6. I got the official offer yesterday too!!! Congratulations everyone 🤗
  7. @Diya course based, domestic applicant.
  8. Congratulations @poul and @raptors ! I've also been recommended for admission!
  9. Thank you! I went through the thread, big congratulations to everyone who has received an offer of admission. I'm truly unsatisfied with my performance in the interview - still hoping for the best. @Medwiz I hope you hear from them soon with regards to your own application 🙂
  10. I assumed a rejection last-month so I haven't kept up with this thread. However, I just received an interview invitation for tomorrow! Can anyone provide any guidance on what is asked during the skype interview, are there e-health/field specific questions I should prepare for?
  11. I got the same e-mail, I guess it's basically saying we're both still in the mix for potential consideration
  12. Do you think this means they've filled the cohort already? (i.e., no other acceptances will be sent out?)
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