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  1. In addition to what GeorgiaTechPhd said, you can be very honest with the professors about your options. They know how the admission process works and understand that everyone wants to wait for the best option. You can even share with them which schools you're waiting for. One of my professors in grad school emailed with an admitted applicants multiple times. The professor helped him with scholarship and everything. Then the applicant was a little embarrassed to tell the professor he just got admitted into another school. My professor said to him, "Why are you even hesitating? That's a goo
  2. Some do, based on my experience. A few years ago I got into a master's program. On the first day of every course, every professor told us about how our director and all professors were freaking out on April 15 because there were too many of us coming to class. Our department has the admission data of the past years, and the admission to enrollment ratio fluctuates within a certain range. Each year, the department gives a prediction of this year's admission/enrollment ratio. Then, based on that prediction, the admission committee determines the number of admission, targeting at an exp
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