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  1. Yes I actually have been eyeing that option since that way I won't have to stay an extra year in the MA (save money! the MA is meant to be done in 1.5-2 years). Also, 10 months into the lab I probably won't have that much done. In terms of quality, during the interview they emphasized on intellectual independence. I also had a chat with the RA there (it will only be 2 of us) and she mentioned that most of the time they get her involved in grant writing, data analysis, and co-authorship (of course that's even aside from the clinical duties such as interviewing and assessments). So from the qual
  2. So, I am currently in a master's program and my goal is to gain admission into a clinical psychology program (to specialize in Neuropsych). However, I JUST landed an RA position to gain research experience (my master's is not research, it's more clinical emphasis). I got my BA this past summer '19. Option A: Apply to PhD programs this fall (2020), where I'll be in the lab for 10 months by the time I submit my apps (1 yr & 7 mo. by the time I matriculate). I will also most likely be able to get LORs from professors at my master's program. Option B: Apply to PhD programs next fall
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