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  1. Is $12k institutional/sfai scholarship or is it via FAFSA? I'm new to us educational system funding, and havn't applied for FAFSA sfai mentioned that I should do it asap. My ability to do mfa is highly dependent of funding, so any help and advise is much appreciated!!!
  2. Thank you!!! I am also considering, but havnt decided just yet.
  3. Congrats!! Can you tell more about the low res mfa - what program, how long will it take to get your mfa and what are your general thoughts about it? Thank you!!
  4. nn009

    low residencies?

    I am also potentially exploring SFAI low residency program. Does anyone have any feedback that they could share? Perhaps someone who attended the program or is planning to? What was your academic experience like? Are you able to gain same amount of knowledge as in a full residency MFA / full immersion program?
  5. What are your thoughts about MFA (painting) at SFAI vs CCA? I know there was an old thread from 10 years ago, however it seems the programs have changed since then. Is anyone considering SFAI or CCA -- what are you thoughts about schools, graduate programs and painting focus specifically?
  6. CCA sent an email today stating that some candidates were requested to participate in interviews, but not all would be required to interview. And chances of admission are the same for those who are asked to be interviewed as well as those who were not invited for interviews. Does anyone know what this really means, and why they are interviewing only some prospect candidates vs all?
  7. Thanks for the update!! Good luck, hope you get your top choice~
  8. Thank you for sharing!! What discipline did you apply for?
  9. Does anyone have any info / responses from: - Stanford - Berkeley - SFAI - CCA
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