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  1. No, mine still says application. Anyone heard back from Zoe? It's almost mid April.
  2. @BetOnYourself @CharmanderCongrats!!! @Charmander Did you receive an early admission as well? When did you hear back from them?
  3. How was everyone's interview! Best of luck!! Things got busy but still, the wait is killing me. Does anyone have an idea how many people they are interviewing?
  4. Hi everyone, I had my interview today and thought to share you guys my experience. Everyone was super nice, so don't panic, you will be fine! The interview consists of 4 components (random order): 1. Written assessment (1 question), you will write it with 2 other applicants in the same room, you will all get different questions. They were very basic topics regarding health informatics. To prepare for it, I would suggest to read and understand what current HI trends are. 2. Interview with a prof (5-6 questions), questions were mostly situational, like job interview type of q 3. Interview with Julia (5-6q), you will be asked to explain your experience and why you apply for this program 4. Presentation, I didn't recall the interviewee timed mine, so if your presentation is a bit longer than 5min, it is ok but be sure not to push the time limit too far. After the presentation, the prof will ask you follow-up questions about your topic. Zoe said they will be accepting 35 MHI students and around 15 EMHI. We will be able to hear back in early April. Good luck!!
  5. Thanks for sharing this! Writing on the spot generally makes me super anxious.
  6. Thank you for the insider views!! To me it's a bit weired not having interviews for graduate admission lol probably due to the online nature of the program?
  7. Hello I8duong I was wondering does waterloo do interviews for MHI admission? How do you like the online learning experience, any pros and cons? Many thanks!
  8. I received an invite this morning for an in person interview. Hello Shelley would you mind sharing us how to be better prepared for the written assessment? What kinda questions were being asked and is there anything we should know in advance? Many thanks for your insights!
  9. Thanks for clarifying with Zoe! This literally saved me!!
  10. Finally saw a post of 2020 MHI intake! Havent received the interview invite yet. Anyone else?
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