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  1. Congratulations everyone. Hope I get the chance to join you all in that group soon.
  2. Congratulations! I’m happy for you. Did you find out through email or the portal? Mind telling me your background? Do you have work experience in the field?
  3. I doubt we will be getting answers or acceptances any time soon with the pandemic going on... 😥
  4. Did you present your presentation with Julia then?
  5. I interviewed with Karim and Lauren. I’m eager to hear back.
  6. I found it informal as well. I didn’t do well on the presentation - Karim said my topic was outdated so we ended up having a conversation instead. It ended on a good note but it’s making me concerned.
  7. Anyone know when we can expect to hear back to see if we get accepted into the program?
  8. Hi Everyone, I only received an interview invite this morning! I wasn't even aware of this group until then - honestly, I was expecting to hear back early March. Now that I'm here, let's talk about presentation topics. I am open to brainstorming & discussion. Message me for my LinkedIn, let's connect!
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