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  1. I'm currently on a waitlist for a decision from a school for PhD in marketing. Yesterday, one of the POIs I had an interview with sent me an email, telling me that an offer would be coming in soon. She also told me that I'm at the top of the list, which was good to hear... Anyway, during our back and forth, the POI kept telling me to ask any question I had about the program. I'm wondering if the POI is not just being polite, but instead want to see if I have some legitimate interests about the program. Also, I do have some questions about the program regarding school housing, scholarships, and such. Would these subjects be appropriate considering I haven't even got an offer from the school yet?
  2. Currently I've got a few offers, but they were not my first choices. Today I got a letter saying I'm waitlisted from one of my top choices for marketing PhD. Do marketing PhD programs fill its vacancy with waitlisted applicants a lot? I'm not sure whether I should just accept the offers I've got, or wait it out until March or April 15th. If getting an offer as a waitlisted applicant is low, I'd rather just take the offers I got and move on.
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